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ALZZY is the artistic project of Melbourne-based, 23-year-old singer/songwriter, Alyssa Allet.

Uniquely blending sounds of indie-pop, neo-soul, RnB, jazz, and folk, ALZZY transcends genre boundaries, creating a sonic identity that packs a punch.

Since releasing her debut EP, ‘Find My Way’ (2017) at the age of 16, ALZZY has dedicated herself to cultivating her skills and artistry, and developing her live performance presence across Melbourne and beyond, with appearances at the Night Cat, The Toff, Hotel Esplanade, festivals including Bluesfest, St Kilda, Frankston, and Forest Edge, and more.

Parallel to working on her own music, Alyssa works as a songwriter, signed to Universal Music Publishing Group and Left Hand Publishing.

Through the music she makes, ALZZY hopes to inspire, encourage, and challenge others to realise their own potential.

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